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How to buy Àlpico

Àlpico is a complex technical product, made of special composite materials, refinished, assembled and tested by hand by experts of a certified company.

In order to be able to offer safety AND the lower possible price, Àlpico is not sold in shops anymore, but directly to the people that request it. From the inventors to the user, directly.

Today Àlpico is offered with the new dragonne and the case at the same price of the "Off season discount".

Cutting costs

Bought directly from us, the price is:
- for Italy and UE citizens: 97.60 Euros + shipping costs (Italian VAT 22% included)
- for non UE citizens (no Italian VAT): 80 Euros + shipping costs (contingent local taxes or custom duties are to be considered at the expense of the buyer)

Payments can be made using bank transfer or paypal.
Contact us and we will find out the cheapest shipping and payment method.

If you are interested, send an email to alpico@soluzioninventive.com, indicating the shipping destination in order to let us verify the lowest shipping cost.

The email does not represent a buying obligation.

We will answer you as soon as possible (2 working days at max)